K ō A N K ō A N K ō A N

Studio KōAN is a design studio based in Basel (CH) and founded by Benedikt Wöppel. We specialize in translating ideas, concepts and researches into (audio-)visual strategies. We work in the fields of graphic design, sound design, web design, installation, film, animation and more.

The studio places great emphasis on a self-critical and sustainable design culture.


If you want to get in contact or want to request a portfolio please send a mail to info@studiokoan.net. More to see on Instagram.

Current projects

Webdesign for the graduating class of Process Design at HyperWerk, based at IXDM in Basel (CH). www.nothinghappensinisolation.hyperwerk.ch.

Sound design for the film AgriValley by Mirte van Duppen (NL).